Canine Nutrition Seminars


Helen Withey MBIPDT Adv, KCAI has been delivering lectures on animal health, nutrition and welfare for a number of years.  If you are interested in booking Helen for a Canine Nutrition Seminar at The Harrow Dog Training Centre or a venue of your choice please contact us.
3 hour Canine Nutrition Seminar £100 plus expenses
Seminars can be tailored to suit specific requirements as long as dates are booked well in advance.
Recommended reading
If you would like to learn more about canine nutrition then Helen Withey has a new publication A Dog Knows Best, The Owner’s Guide to Healthy Feeding which is available from Amazon ISBN 978-0-9563448-0-9 or directly from Helen.  This book has already been selected as book of the month by Real Dogs.  To order a book today send a cheque for £9.50 which includes p&p made payable to Helen Withey and send to:
The Harrow
Tumbril Lane
IP21 4JU