Dog Behaviour Problems

If your dog is displaying any unwanted behaviour then one to one training with Helen Withey FBIPDT Adv, KCAI will help you.  Their are lots of reasons why dog owners need the services of an experienced dog behaviourist.
Possible dog behaviour problems can include:
• recall issues
• pulling on the lead
• digging up the garden
• aggressive to other dogs or animals
• chasing the postman
• aggressive to people or children
• chewing the furniture
• eating its own faeces
• separation anxiety from you and/or another pet
• barking when left alone
• excessive barking in general
• urine marking in the house
• chasing other animals/livestock
• shadow chasing or excessive tail chasing
• hyperactivity
• guarding food or toys
• jumping up at people
• mounting other dogs or people’s legs
• urinating when scared or excited
and many more…
Even the most experienced dog owners need advice sometimes and seeking the help of a professional is the most productive course of action.  By utilising the skills of dog behaviourist you can save yourself a lot of stress and worry.  The sooner you seek help the better.  Many dog owners think their dog will ‘grow out’ of the problem, only to find they get worse with age.
We all want to do right by our dogs, but we need to know how to start correcting unwanted behaviour the right way.
To book a one to one session with Helen please contact us.