One to One Dog Training

We offer one to one dog training sessions at the Norfolk Dog Training Centre as well as home visits.
Why One to One Dog Training?
• Your dog is not able to mix with other dogs due to an illness or aggression problem
• You want to train your dog for something specific that isn’t covered in dog training classes
• You want to involve your family in training so that you all use the same commands
• You or your dog find training in a class situation is stressful
• You have more than one dog
• Your training requirements relate to how your dog interacts with other pets or people in your household
• You want the benefit of having the instructors undivided attention
There are lots of other reasons why people choose one to one dog training instead of, or as well as dog training classes.  Helen Withey FBIPDT Adv, KCAI has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to dogs.  Read about Helen for more information on her background and current work with dogs.
To book an appointment with Helen for one to one dog training please call 01379 852499.  Prices start from £45.00.