Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or Toller as they are widely known originate from Canada and arrived in Britain in 1988, the breed has grown steadily in the UK since then.
Their original job of work was to lure ducks to within range of the guns by playing in the reeds and waving their bushy tails which often has a white tip on the end. Tollers are very foxy looking and will successfully lure game who wish to keep the enemy in sight. The Toller lives up to his name as a good retriever, especially from water, where their webbed feet, a breed feature, enable them to swim powerfully. Tollers have been selected over the generations for their intelligence and trainability. As a result he makes an ideal and enthusiastic family companion for the active household, performing well in a variety of activities such as gundog work, scent work, agility, tracking, trials and obedience.
Tollers have a rich thick coat which does shed and they require grooming regularly and some trimming every couple of months.